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Manchester City Council Foster Parent.

"I enjoyed learning about new products and the best way to use them to get the best out of them!"

Melissa Timperley Salon

Naomi's expertise provided invaluable insights into caring for diverse hair types. Learning about product selection and application has empowered us to offer comprehensive services. Naomi's guidance has been instrumental in our confidence and being able to offer more for our clients, and we're grateful for the experience.

The Head Gardener

“Naomi made sure she spent time helping everyone”.

“She made me feel like I wasn’t just another number”.

“You can tell Naomi really cares”.

“It wasn’t like the usual training course, so much so I can remember so much more of the

information she gave us”.

“She’s a good laugh and there was a great atmosphere”.

“Naomi didn’t over complicate things for me and explains things so I could understand”.

“She was like part of the family!”


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