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Does Your Company Provide Hair Products, Skin Products Or Hair Tools?

We love working with companies to provide our foster families with great quality products and tools.  If you would like to support us, we could include your products in our starter packs, this way families can see if your products are suitable for the children in their care and hopefully become return customers.

If you would prefer not to give products, you can still support us. Some companies choose to provide a discount code for our foster families. This means that our foster families can get access to great quality products and tools at a discounted price. This works well for companies who have multiple products that they think might suit our families as it allows them to choose the products that best fit their needs.

We’re currently working with Avlon, Denman, Bumble and Bumble but we would love to add you to the list.

Are You A Stylist Or Salon Owner?

We run training sessions all over the UK so we are currently looking for salon spaces to rent for one or two days. We would use your facility/ salon to provide training to foster carers and residential workers near you. There are many benefits for your salon but the main one is how much you will be helping children in foster care in your community.

We are also looking for stylists who support our mission to work with us to help our training sessions run successfully in your area. We provide training for all practical and theoretical aspects of our course and work with you to ensure that your are confident before providing training. This is a great opportunity for a stylist who is passionate about hair care and it is also a great opportunity for you to learn more about caring for and styling afro hair.

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